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Our range of material hoists is wide and diverse, starting from 300kg up to 3700kg, various platform sizes and features.


All our construction hoists use rack and pinion system that travels the tower at various speeds.


European made hoists built as per highest standard will suit all your project requirements. 

GEDA 300z

300 kg


GEDA 300z is a German made hoist. Due to minimal space requirements, this hoist is ideal solution for small projects. 


Techical Data
Load capacity300 kg
Lifting speed12 m/min
Lifting heigth50 m
Inside platform size1750 mm x 950 mm
Power supply240 v









GEDA 500z

500 kg


GEDA 500z is another German made hoist. With its spacious platform and great design, this hoist is perfect for heavy loads and efficient work methods.  





Technical Data
Load capacity500 kg
Lifting speed12 m/min   /   24 m/min
Lifting height100 m
Inside platform size1750 mm x 1620 mm
Power supply240 v / 415 v






MB 800/150

800 kg


MB 800/150 from Italian manufacturer Maber is a hoist with an easily accessible platform for transport of all construction materials up to 800 kg. 


Techical Data 
Load capacity800 kg
Lifting speed25 m/min
Lifting height150 m
Inside platform size1400 mm x 1750 mm
Power supply415 v




GEDA 1200z/zp

1000 kg, 1200 kg, 1500 kg


GEDA 1200z - Perfect 3in1 hoist - 3 different platform sizes, up to 3 access doors and 3 different weight capacity options - all in one hoist. 


Technical Data
 Platform APlatform BPlatform C
Load capacity1500 kg1200 kg1000 kg
Lifting speed24 m/min24 m/min24 m/min
Lifting height150 m150 m150 m
Inside platform size2000 mm x 1400 mm2600 mm x 1400 mm3200 mm x 1400 mm
Power supply415 v / 32 A415 v / 32 A415 v / 32 A






TM // 1500z/zp (BS, ED)

2000 kg



Versatile and rigid with lots of space, these hoists are the perfect partner for your construction site.  From larger platform with slower lifting speed, to a slimline option perfect for footpath placement or where the boundary space is limited, our range of 2 tonne machines will fulfill all project requirements. 


Techical Data 
Load capacity2000 kg2000 kg2000 kg
Lifting speed14.5 m/min12/24 m/min12/24 m/min
Lifting height120 m100 m100 m
Inside platform size4000 mm x 1950 mm3200 mm x 1400 mm2820 mm x 1720 mm
Power supply415 v / 32 A415 v / 32 A415 v / 32 A



MB 3500/120

3000 kg , 3200 kg, 3400 kg, 3700 kg


The MB 3500/120 is also known as the "super hoist". With the big platform and maximum capacity of 3700 kg, this hoist can help eliminate the need for a tower crane for material handling. 


Techical Data    
Load capacity3700 kg3400 kg3200 kg3000 kg
Lifting speed12 m/min12 m/min23 m/min23 m/min
Lifting height120 m120 m120 m120 m
Inside platform size2180 mm x 3300 mm3120 mm x 3300 mm4060 mm x 3300 mm5000 mm x 3300 mm
Power supply415 v / 63 A415 / 63 A415 v / 63 A415 v / 63 A